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Little Marcel

Inspired by the famous Tank Top, called “marcel”, Little Marcel offers now a complete range of products: - Women Apparel, Accessories and Shoes Collection - Kids & Junior Apparel, Accessories and Shoes Collection - Baby born Collection - Men Apparel and Accessories Collection And Licences : - Watches - Suitcase and Travel Bags - Paperbook - Glasses - Jewellery.

Mister Marcel

The brand name “Mr Marcel” comes from tank tops origins, born in the “Halles of Paris” in the 19th century and called a French “marcel”. Mr Marcel “Costume des Mers” is designed in France and inspired by the Riviera with a 50-60's look heritage.

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La Marinière

The «French Marinière» : Born on the French Mediterranean coast, Little Marcel combined «authenticity» and «quality excellence.» Since day one, the Little Marcel «French Marinière» have been adopted by the seafarer’s community and established itself as the uniform of professional sailors. Since ten years, being adopted by the Fashionistas is a fabulous universal recognition of a timeless brand. By launching a dedicated line «Authentic French Marinière by Little Marcel», the brand returns to its timeless sailors’ stripes and iconic tank top, but also offer genuine short and long sleeves t-shirt, wool pull over. For the happiness of Women, Boys and Girls from 2 to 77 years old The line also revisit the Marin styles to create an authentic and modern look.

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Le Petit Marcel

This summer, the brand will ride on the California’s wave. Funny prints with flamingos, toucans, palm trees and sparkling fruits will dress up the tank tops and dresses. All these ingredients are perfect to spend a funny and colourful summer. The timeless multi-coloured stripe is twisted in a watercolour or glitter version. The collection is available in two colours atmosphere: Pastels with powdered pink, yellow pastel, water green but also the sparkling such as lime green, fuchsia and turquoise which remain the identity of the brand. This collection is a cocktail to spend holidays in good mood.

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Le Grenier

The trend is turned to “ white” through a theme of desert inspiration with fringes, mats and knots, dress up tops and tunics. The season has successfully begun with the aged gold embroideries and finishes, pearls applied and printed with a tie and dye way. To continue the beginning of summer, some elements have been added and guided by an ethnic atmosphere and a little bohemian touch such as Aged metal finishes, feathers patterns, pompoms and feminine details with sand and turquoise colours. The wanderlust flies with this elegance bohemian flair. We spend summer in Havana, Cuba with a colourful spirit. The colours : green “watermelons”, “vermilions” orange deal with faded colours pastel coral, bleu mint and pastel yellow. Materials and shapes are slight and invite to the party and to the Cuban Salsa!

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